Post-UPHA 2nd Meeting Notes

  • A lot of members voiced a desire to do some community service-type work around public health.  Project HEALTH and Peer Health Exchange are two student-run BU organizations that do substantive work in this field.  The Van Outreach Project is the group that Ashley was talking about, in which volunteers go out at night with a doctor to provide medical care to the homeless in Boston.
  • PIH Fundraising:  We settled on the canning idea (standing outside of grocery stores) to raise $1000 for PIH, and going door-to-door in the dorms as a backup.  Ashley’s going to talk to Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, and Whole Foods, and get back to y’all soon.
  • “The Mop-Up” is the article that talks about the difficulties in trying to eradicate polio in India just a couple years ago.  It was featured in the January 12, 2004 copy of the New Yorker.  Rumor is he will speak at the annual Dudley Allen Sargent Lecture, which last year featured Dr. Jim Kim.  It is a very good read.
  • “Norway Hikes Aid Despite Economy”  We talked during the meeting about how developed countries should care more about the poor worldwide, and yet this would seem quite difficult in our current economic climate.  Norway is really putting its money where its mouth is and bucking the trend!
  • I will post the links to possible BUSPH students to connect with and talk about getting an MPH, etc., and the volunteering positions at the NGO that Lauren is working at once I get them!

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