Prevent a Malaria Outbreak in Haiti

UPHA may plan to raise money towards buying bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria in Haiti in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, from Partners in Health:



We could only stand and watch as powerful storms swept over Haiti, bringing an unimaginable level of suffering. But now we have the power to act and save thousands of lives. Help us spread the word!

The poorest country in the western hemisphere was recently hammered by four hurricanes in devastating succession. Catastrophic floods and mudslides in the wake of the storms killed more than a thousand people and destroyed the homes, crops, and even entire villages.  Thousands of poor families who had little before are now left with nothing.

The floodwaters have receded, but countless pools of stagnant water still remain—the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and an imminent public health disaster—a massive outbreak of malaria.



Help save thousands of lives by joining with the nonprofit organization Partners In Health (PIH) to buy and distribute insecticide-treated bednets to those most at risk for contracting malaria. These bednets have been proven to be a cheap and effective way to protect against malaria and save lives. Each net costs only $5!

At PIH, we have set a goal to raise the funds needed to buy 10,000 nets by October 31st. This is an ambitious goal. But it can be achieved with your help. Please consider donating what you can to buy one, two, three, or more nets. THEN SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. As one Haitian proverb says, men anpil chay pa lou, or “many hands make the load lighter.” Together we can save thousands of lives.

1 Net at $5
5 Nets at $25
10 Nets at $50
50 Nets at $250

Please donate one, five, or ten bednets more

Join this cause on Facebook more

Read more about PIH’s work to help those affected by the hurricanes more



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