Volunteer: Business Plan for health services in India


I am a student pursuing my MBA at Harvard Business School and leading a team of Harvard MBAs to write a business plan related to healthcare services in India. This is a FPSE (For Profit Social Enterprise). I am looking for 2-3 students to conduct primary and secondary research to aid the development of this plan.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to gain exposure to business, writing a business plan, healthcare, entrepreneurship, or emerging markets. The plan also has a major technology-related research component.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend weekly Executive Meetings on the Harvard Business School campus
  • Interact with a target list of Harvard alumni for various modules of the plan
  • Understand key strategic elements to tailor and push forward individual work modules appropriately
  • Make regular presentations of key analyses and insights and outcomes of their work
  • Expected work load is 4-5 hours / week

Participants can hope to gain from:

  • Guidance and mentorship to conduct this research from MBA students
  • One-on-one training on creating and executing essential analyses
  • Regular feedback and updates on status of overall plan
  • Broader career mentoring and advice if desired by students (We’re happy to help in any way to recognize your contributions!)
  • Potential opportunities to participate in the post-competition stages of business launch

Participant profile: Position is ideal for premed, business, or engineering undergraduates. The project starts immediately and is expected to last 3 months.

Interested participants can please contact me via email / phone; or send me their resume. By way of background, before joining Harvard Business School I consulted for the Boston Consulting Group in USA and Germany. I am also authoring a book related to chronic ailments in India. I hold a Computer Science Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and have experience launching business divisions while working in Amazon.com, Inc.

Best regards,

Dinkar Jain



MBA Class of 2010

857 334 6622


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