Internship: One Laptop Per Child at MIT

*One Laptop per Child Africa Internship Program*

Students have played a pivotal role in every revolution, except learning.
That will change in 2009.  Through One Laptop per Child, student teams from
around the world will each deploy 100 XO-laptops throughout Africa this
summer. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in
education, technology or capacity building, our internship will provide you
with unprecedented hands-on experience.

Student Teams will:

  • travel to one of the 53 African countries of their choosing for *9-10 weeks*
  • participate in a *10-day orientation in Kigali, Rwanda* at OLPC?s office
  • receive a *$10,000 (USD) team stipend*
  • deploy *100 XO laptops*, including hardware and support
  • collaborate with other teams as part of a life-long global network empowering a generation
  • send 1 representative to *MIT/OLPC?s all-expense paid summit* from Oct 10th-12th 2009

About OLPCorps Africa
Our interns will be active members of our innovative 1 to 1 laptop-learning
project and hold key roles as leaders in our grassroots movement.  OLPC
summer internships, which are full-time commitments, begin June 8. Teams
will work closely with the One Laptop per Child team to design and implement
XO deployments, join a uniquely African OLPC network, and lead a growing
social movement.

How to apply:
For more information on OLPCorps Africa and specific application
requirements, please visit our website: Proposals
must be received by March 27th.

Note: Latin America internships are available in Peru & Uruguay.  Please

Contact with any questions or concerns.


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