Project Health Summer Fellows

Apply to be a Project HEALTH Summer Fellow!

Project Health: Mobilizing the nation’s undergrads to break the link between poverty and poor health.

Housing and some meals provided, work at Boston Medical Center for 30 hours per week, participate in the Summer Policy Institute, work on special projects!

Info Session: Monday, February 22rd SAR 300 @ 7pm

For low-income kids and families, medical care alone isn’t enough to ensure good health. No medication will control a child’s asthma if she lives in substandard housing. No antibiotics will reverse the effects of chronic hunger on a child’s development. The failure of our health care system to address these basic needs perpetuates health disparities, even as families’ access to care improves. Poor health, in turn, further entrenches families in poverty by jeopardizing their education, economic stability, and life opportunities.

Project HEALTH is a national non-profit that mobilizes undergraduate volunteers to break this cycle. Here in Boston, PH volunteers run four programs: the Family Help Desk, Women’s Resource Center, Project Baby, and the PediED. These programs staff desks at Boston Medical Center that connect families with resources — food, housing, childcare, job training, and more — to address the non-medical needs that impact their children’s health. The Family Help Desk is located in the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic and works with children and families, the Women’s Resource Center is located in the OB-GYN clinic and works with women who range in age from teens to grandmothers, Project Baby is located in the maternity ward and works with mothers who have just given birth, and the PediED is located in the pediatric emergency department. These programs achieve real results for families, and promote a vision for a more effective, more just health care system for this country.

Applications and details at
Click on Volunteer with PH, and then Boston Summer (BU).
Applications due Friday, February 26th by 12 noon!

Questions? Email Caren at


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