Would you like a PAID, MENTORED summer internship at an Investment Bank, Corporate Law Firm, Industry Leading & Global Company or Nonprofit?

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) is the nation’s premiere summer internship program for talented undergraduate students of color leading to full-time job offers. Since its inception, SEO’s Career Program has placed over 5,000 students in internships that lead to opportunities in exciting and rewarding careers in the most competitive industries worldwide. Our program is featured in Princeton Review’s 109 Best Internships in America, and is a gateway to the most coveted and highest paying careers. More than 80% of SEO interns receive job offers from partner firms after their internships. SEO grooms its interns to excel in the workplace and become leaders in their communities who will give back and forge a path to success for the next generation. As a direct result of the Career Program and the high performance of its interns, SEO has significantly increased the number of people of color employed on Wall Street and by major corporations nationwide.

SEO Recruiters & Alumni will be hosting an Information Session on Tuesday, October 26th 2010
Location: Kenmore Classroom Building Auditorium
Time: 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Here are some reasons why you should consider SEO:

EXPOSURE: SEO has internships in ten different program areas including: Investment Banking, Asset Management, Accounting/Finance, Corporate Law, Corporate Financial Leadership, Information Technology, and Nonprofit.

TRAINING: We provide online and classroom training to our interns. You will learn Excel, PowerPoint, Financial Modeling, Business Etiquette, and Presentation Skills. You will also receive training from your firms. By the time an SEO intern arrives at their firm, he/she would have seen the training material multiple times and is prepared to succeed on the job.

MENTORING: Our interns receive three mentors. 1) Firm mentor – someone to teach you about the corporate culture of the firm and how to work the hierarchy. 2) SEO Alumni Mentor – someone who has gone through the SEO program and worked in your industry for at least two years and can give you advice about how to make the most of this opportunity. 3) SEO Staff Mentor – someone on staff at SEO who will keep you updated on your performance and help you prioritize responsibilities. The goal of all three of your mentors is to see you succeed and receive an offer at the end of the summer.

ACCESS: There will also be weekly presentations hosted by the firms/organizations called the “Summer Seminar Series”. This gives students an opportunity to be exposed to all the firms/organizations in your program. At the seminars, CEOs, CFOs, and top executives will speak to an SEO only audience about their life, the industry, or any other topic. Following the presentations, there is an opportunity for students to mingle with HR staff, Line Managers, and partners (at Corporate Law firms).

NETWORK: Over 5,000 young professionals of color have graduated from SEO. This provides our alumni with a powerful network – one with a common bond and a willingness to help each other succeed.

COMPENSATION: The rewards of a career in one of SEO’s program areas begin during the summer internship. Interns make competitive weekly salaries, ranging from $700-$1,300/week, depending on the industry in which they are placed, which can lead to extremely well-paid careers once they are hired full-time.

GIVING BACK: One of SEO’s mottos is “It is not about you. It is about those who came before you and those who will come after you.” SEO is about helping others and giving back. Our interns give to NYC youth serving organizations through the class gift. They recruit for SEO on campus in the “Alumni Recruiting Fellowship”. They serve as mentors to our interns and volunteer for the Scholars Program. SEO is a program that cares about the community!

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