Volunteer Opportunity: Peer Health Exchange

Teach health workshops to high school students who urgently need them. Join Peer Health Exchange and give teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. This year, Boston University undergraduate volunteers will teach public high school students workshops about sexual health, relationships, substance abuse, and nutrition.

Peer Health Exchange volunteers will:

· Provide a much-needed service in their community.

· Develop valuable skills, including public speaking, teaching, and leadership skills.

· Expand their career opportunities.

· Learn useful health information.

· Be an integral part of the campus community.

To learn more, attend an information session with free food on:

Thursday 9/8 @ 7pm – CAS 313

Friday 9/9 @ 5pm – CAS 313

Monday 9/12 @ 6:30pm – CAS 222

Wednesday 9/14 @ 7:30pm – CAS 314

Thursday 9/15 @ 6pm – CAS 326

Questions? Contact phebucc1112@gmail.com

Apply online at www.peerhealthexchange.org by Friday, Sept. 16th at 5:00pm


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