Volunteer Opportunities

Hey UPHA! We would like to share with you some exciting volunteer opportunities:
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless (http://www.bhchp.org/) -They provide medical assistance to people in emergency shelters, soup kitchens, etc. They have great volunteer opportunities for groups!
Elizabeth Stone House (http://www.elizabethstonehouse.org)- This shelter also provides support groups, childcare, and other things for homeless families. They have a lot of long-term volunteering positions available!
The Home for Little Wanderers (http://www.thehome.org/)- This is a child and family service agency that has a variety of options for volunteering.
The Boston Living Center (http://www.livingcenter.org/)- This resource center for people with HIV/AIDS offers many different opportunities to work directly with the HIV/AIDS community.
Partners in Health (pih.org)- This organization works to improve healthcare in developing countries. Join their email list to receive alerts about one-time volunteer opportunities!
Bridge Over Troubled Waters (http://www.bridgeotw.org/)- They work with troubled youth, and there are several ways that volunteers can help!
Horizons for Homeless Children (http://www.horizonsforhomelesschildren.org/)- They work with children and parents to stabilize families. You can join an email list to be notified when volunteer positions are available.
Rosie’s Place (http://www.rosies.org/)- They offer assistance to poor and homeless women. They have a great list of volunteer opportunities organized by availability and time commitment!
The Women’s Lunch Place (http://www.womenslunchplace.org/)- This organization provides food, daytime shelter, and other services for poor or homeless women. They have a list of current volunteer opportunities and plan to offer even more.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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