Fitness Apps You’ll Want to Use

By: Dea Biancarelli

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do for

your health. We all know that eating right and being physically active are necessary

to prevent the health problems that are associated with overweight. Technology has

caught on too, produces games such as Wii Fit and creating hundreds of apps that

claim to make us healthier, stronger and happier. With so many apps on the market

though, how do you know which ones will be useful and which ones will just take

up valuable space on your phone? After testing out some of the most popular apps, I

created a top 5 list of fitness apps that are simple and useful.


1. Most Useful Gym App: Nike Training Club Cost: Free


If you want to start working out but don’t know what to

do, need to squeeze a quick workout in at home, or lose

motivation half way through your workout this app is for

you. Nike Training Club has tons of workouts for beginners,

intermediate or advanced. It also has different workouts for

your fitness goals, whether you want to get lean with cardio,

toned with light weights or build some serious muscle. It also

has a category called “Get Focused”, 15 minute workouts that

target specific areas. Each move has pictures and a short video

clip that teach you how to do each move. Once you click “Do

Workout” Nike Training Club leads you through the workout,

telling you what move to do, giving tips on form throughout

and a few motivational words. It beeps to alert you of the next

move. The app tracks your progress and unlocks rewards and

badges once you’ve hit certain goals. It’s like a personal trainer

in your phone (and for free)!


2. Most Useful Overall Health App: Argus Cost: Free


There are tons of apps on the market that allow you to track

how many calories you consume and how much activity you do

each day, but I find that I stop using these apps after a few days

because of inconvenience. Argus is different. By using timers

and pictures to record data instead of having you painstakingly

enter in your information approach, Argus is user friendly. The

set up is a fun, cool design, similar to a Facebook timeline that

shows you what choices you’ve been making throughout the

day. It can track all health aspects of your life: eating habits,

sleep cycle, fitness, a pedometer and even water intake. Argus

allows you to set goals and gives you notifications throughout

the day to help you reach them.


3. Most Useful App for Those Who Hate to Run: Zombies, Run! Cost: $4.99


Although the price tag is a little pricey for an app, Zombies,

Run! is a great way to make running interesting. It’s similar

to a real life video game. The app tells you a story of a zombie

outbreak, which you star in as the hero. The story continues as

you run, so you don’t continuously have to touch your phone

while working out. Players can create an account and log in to

compare scores with other zombie runners across the country.


4. Most Useful App for the Busy: Human Price: Free


Do you barely have time in your busy schedule for physical

activity? Are you craving something simple, easy and laid back?

Try Human, an app that helps you reach the recommended 30

minutes of physical activity. This simple app challenges you to

“get your daily 30” by adding up all physical activity that your

phone records if stuck in your pocket or attached to your arm.

It’s perfect for those of us who are too busy to be updating an

app or don’t have time for a daily hour workout but still want

to get the necessary amount of activity. It tracks your activity

for the current week, your weekly average and your streak of

daily fitness.


5. Most Useful App for the Charitable Cardio Fan: Charity Miles


Why not do some good during your next cardio session?

While there are tons of great apps on the market for those who like to run or

bike, from ones that record a run via GPS to tracking your pace and calorie

count, but an app I believe all runners and bikers can make use of is Charity

Miles. Charity Miles donates money to a charity of a user’s choice for every

mile they complete. It tracks walking, running and biking. The app is simple.

After selecting your charity, just press start and it records the distance you’ve

travelled. Although 75 cents may not seem like much, all those miles can

really add up!

All of these apps I believe are easy to use in your everyday life and can help

you achieve your fitness goals. Agree? Disagree? What fitness apps do you

like to use? Comment your thoughts below!


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