About Boston University Undergraduate Public Health Association

The Boston University Undergraduate Public Health Association (UPHA) is a student group that provides a community for undergraduates interested in public health from varying backgrounds (Biomedical sciences, Health Science, International Relations, Pre-med, etc.) to discuss public health issues of interest.  UPHA helps undergraduates navigate the wealth of public health-related academic options at BU, from the Geneva Internship Program to the 4+1 BS/MPH program.  UPHA also hosts public health lectures and discussions, and links students with the numerous public health events in and around Boston.  UPHA also acts as a liaison for students interested in public health to gain hands-on experience with other public health organizations in and around Boston.

Spring 2018 E-board Members

You can reach us by email at upha@bu.edu, or feel free to reach out to our e-board members directly!


President: Sarah Cho

Sarah is a senior in Sargent College studying Behavior and Health and minoring in Public Health. She is particularly interested in the operations of health systems and optimizing the healthcare revenue cycle.
Contact Sarah directly at ycho18@bu.edu

Vice President: Zara Ahmed

Zara is a sophomore in Sargent College studying Health Sciences. She is very interested in Public Health and Occupational Therapy.

Secretary: Julia Banas

Julia is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Health. She is particularly interested in public policy and health disparities.

27710953_1846962678927420_873338603_o.jpgTreasurer: Wesley Jones

Wesley Jones is a freshman from Houston, TX in Sargent studying Health Science. His interest in public health include epidemiology, disaster preparation, and looking at the big picture to solve problems regarding contemporary public health issues. In his free time he can be found at the Howard Thurman Center or cooking in his kitchen.



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