Public Health Programs at BU

Public Health Minor

BU offers a public health minor through Sargent College, in partnership with the BU School of Public Health. More information about the minor, including a list of required courses, can be found here.

Health Science Major

The Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, which covers a wide variety of public health courses, as well as provides a foundation in the biological sciences. More information about the major requirements can be found here.

BS/MPH or BA/MPH 4+1 Program

Boston University offers a joint program between Sargent College or the College of Arts & Sciences and the BU School of Public Health. This program allows students to work towards a Master of Public Health Degree while finishing their undergraduate degree. After students complete their undergraduate degree, they then only have one additional year full-time at the School of Public Health before receiving their MPH.

Students may apply in the spring semester of their sophomore year or the fall semester of their junior year. More information about the program can be found here.

Boston University School of Public Health

One of the top public health schools in the nation, the BU School of Public Health provides an excellent opportunity for someone to study public health more in depth. With esteemed faculty and a broad range of programs offered, the School of Public Health provides its students with a strong background in public health, preparing its students to tackle some of the greatest public health issues our world faces today.

More information about programs offered can be found here.


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